Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CAR 66 Effective from 1.01.2012

To day DGCA published CAR 66 and it is effective from 1.01.2012
The CAR‐66-
          − has been issued in line with the current Rule 61 and to harmonize the aircraft maintenance
personnel licensing system with EASA Part 66 [General]
         − details, requirements for qualifying an individual to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance
Engineer’s Licence and extension of such licence [CAR‐66]
        − eliminates the system of obtaining Airframe, Engine, Electrical, Instrument and Radio
System Licences separately [66.A.01]
       − redefines the syllabus for basic knowledge examination in modular pattern [66.A.25]
      − provides for qualifying under the existing system of obtaining the licence till December
2012 [66.A.70]


money said...

Worst rule.we worked alot for passing these papers.atleast for who passed bamec they have to give car66 book.its a loss for ame students.those who got licence is lucky.

Prince Khanna said...

Those who have bamec have to pass around nine papers according to table 4 but according to page 19 we have to pass less papers for getting the license I didnt get why there is a difference