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      DGCA issued Air Safety Circular 2 of 2011 in this regard on dated 4th October 2011.
                Word ‘bird strike’ is replaced with ‘Wildlife strike’ to cover strikes both by birds and other animals.
             Circular is applicable to scheduled, non-scheduled/charter or any other flying activity takes place.
                                         The existing Bird Strike Incident Report Form has been revised by DGCA to include the following:

a.   to include wildlife covering strikes due to both by birds and animals.
b.    Reporting of financial loss.
c.    Standardization of reporting format so as to bring uniformity in reporting of wildlife (bird/animal) strikes.
                                  All airlines scheduled/non-scheduled, general aviation              operators etc., and airport operators shall use latest Wildlife (bird/animal) Reporting Form w.e.f 10th December 2011.
     A Wildlife (Bird/Animal) strike has occurred when:
a) A pilot reports aircraft strike with one or more birds or other wildlife;
b) Aircraft maintenance personnel identify aircraft damage as having been caused by wildlife (bird/animal) strike;
c) Personnel on the ground report observing an aircraft strike with one or more birds or other wildlife;
d) Bird or other wildlife remains, whether in whole or in part, are found within 200 feet of the runway centerline, unless any other reason for the animal's death is identified; and
e) Wildlife (bird/animal) presence on the airport had a significant negative effect on a flight i.e. aborted take-off, go around, high-speed
  Pilot-in command of the aircraft shall immediately inform the local air traffic control unit whenever a potential bird hazard is observed or he is aware that a wildlife (bird/animal) strike has occurred.

    If the wildlife (bird/animal) strike has occurred, the pilot-in command shall submit a written Wildlife (bird/animal) strike report after landing.

     If the wildlife (bird/animal) strike is discovered when the pilot-in-command is not available, the operator shall be responsible for submitting the report.

  The duly filled-in Wildlife (bird/animal) Strike Reporting Form shall be forwarded to the Regional Air Safety offices with a copy to Director -Air Safety (DGCA Hqrs) and concerned airport operator within two days of the incident. 
For details : Air Safety Circular 2 of 2011
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