Friday, June 29, 2012

Cessna Nav III - New G1000 Software

                              New G1000 Software Release For Cessna Nav III Aircraft

                 Two new Service Bulletins upgrading G1000 software released in April, SEB-34-03 for non-WAAS equipped and SEB-34-02 for WAAS equipped Cessna G1000 single engine high wing airplanes. The upgrade evens the playing field for both WAAS and non-WAAS models. The same system software version, 563.26 is applicable to both G1000 systems. There are several new and exciting features offered by these upgrades.
                                  New for Non-WAAS Equipped Aircraft:
                 The much-anticipated enablement of “pathways” for operators who have installed Synthetic Vision. Pathways provides a three-dimensional perspective view of a selected route of flight, shown as colored rectangular boxes representing the horizontal and vertical flight path of the active flight plan.
Fixed Content Data Logging. This feature provides the capability of logging flight data to a commaseparated- value (CSV) file on an SD card in the upper MFD slot. Data Logging will automatically store critical flight and engine data on an SD card (up to 16GB). The system will write one data point every second as long as power is applied to the G1000 system, whether the airplane is flying, or sitting in the hangar. Another feature of the Garmin Data Logging is the ability to track flights using a program that can be downloaded for free from the website. The program converts the flights logged to a csv file on the SD card to KML file for viewing in the Google Earth environment.
                                 New for WAAS and Non-WAAS Equipped Aircraft:
                 A new feature of the 563.26 software is the ability to transfer databases from one -43 database card to the other one. This will ensure that the data is the same on the PFD and MFD database card and should eliminate issues with database mismatch alerts on the G1000.
                                             Another new feature:
                You can now load a “future” Jepp Nav Data database while the “current” database is still being used by the G1000. When the effective date for the “future” database arrives, the database will be automatically used by G1000 as the active database.
                 Also please note that if you are getting the AHRS MV DB (IGRF) out of date message, this database is bundled into the Jepp Nav Data database. You need to follow the prompts listed in the CRG to load this database into the G1000.
                These new features are highlights of what the SEB-34-03 for non-WAAS equipped or SEB-34-02 for WAAS G1000 software upgrade has to offer.


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