Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hazard Log Template

SSP Division Circular No.1 of 2012 

CAR Section 1 Series C Part II requires Air operators, Aerodrome operator, ATS/AANS Service provider to develop, establishmaintain and  adhere to a Safety Management System. Effective safety reporting of  hazard s by operational personnel, their analysis and documentation is a corners stone for management of safety. 

The formal documentation of hazards is an essential requirement for hazard identification as well as a trait of mature safety management. Safety information (i.e. analysed raw data)) and safety intelligence (i.e. safety information that has been corroborated and further analysed by 
adding context)) combine to generate safety knowledge that must  formally reside in the organization and not with the individual members  of the organization  A formal repository of safety knowledge is a safeguard against volatility of the information.. In addition, an 
organization that has historical safety knowledge will make safety  decisions based upon facts and not opinions. 

Appropriate documentation management regarding hazard identification  is important as a formal procedure to translate raw operational safety  information into hazard-related knowledge. Continuous compilation and  formal management of this hazard-related knowledge becomes the “safety library” of an organization. 

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