Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FAA AD 2013-03-15 Cessna 172R/S


Applicability : Following Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) airplanes, certificated in any Category:
 (1) Model 172R, 17281573 through 17281616; and
 (2) Model 172S,  l72S11074 through 172S11193.
Subject : ATA 2820 : Aircraft Fuel Distribution System.
Unsafe Condition : This AD was prompted by reports of chafing of a new configuration of the fuel return line assembly, which was caused by the fuel return line assembly rubbing against the right steering tube assembly during rudder pedal actuation. We are issuing this AD to correct the unsafe condition on these products.
Compliance : Comply with this AD within the compliance times specified, unless already done. Inspect the Fuel Return Line Assembly
         At whichever of the following compliance times that occurs later, inspect the fuel return line
assembly (Cessna part number (P/N) 0516031-1) for damage following the Accomplishment
Instructions section of Cessna Aircraft Company Service Bulletin SEB-28-01, dated September 21, 2012.
(1) At the next annual inspection after March 19, 2013 (the effective date of this AD);
(2) Within the next 100 hours time-in-service (TIS) after March 19, 2013 or
(3) Within the next 12 calendar months after March 19, 2013 .
FAA AD 2013

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