Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cessna SB05-25-02 Seat Restraint

Cessna SB05-25-02 Revision 1 February 2013
REASON FOR REVISION To update the part numbers of the Inflatable Seat Restraints Installation Kits available from Cessna.

REQUIRED ACTION  Please replace any copy of SB05-25-02 with the attached copy of SB05-25-02 Revision 1 which is printed in its entirety. Compliance with this revision is not required if in compliance with the Original Issue of this Service Bulletin.

SB05-25-02 Revision 1 has been issued to announce that modification kits are available to install inflatable seat restraints on the crew and passenger seats.
Compliance is Optional: may be accomplished if desired.
Compliance with Revision 1 is not required if in compliance with the original issue.
The information contained in the referenced Cessna Service Bulletin shall be considered an amendment to the Cessna Manufacturer’s Service/Maintenance Manual.

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