Saturday, November 2, 2013

CAR 145 - 05,20 & 25

   CAR 145.A.05 Applicability and Effectivity

(iii) Maintenance’ means any one or combination of overhaul, repair, inspection, replacement, modification or defect rectification of an aircraft or component, with the exception of pre-flight inspection;
(iv) Organisation’ means a natural person, a legal person or part of a legal person. Such an organisation may hold more than one CAR 145 approval;
(v) ‘Pre-flight inspection’ means the inspection carried out before flight to ensure that he aircraft is fit for the intended flight;
AMC 145.A.20 Terms of approval
       As per latest EASA amendment, The ATA chapter has been changed from 2100 to 2200.
The previous table has been replaced with a table identifying the ATA specification 2200 chapter for the category C component rating.
In this table,
(i) Chapter 85 has been added in C5 Electrical Power.
(ii) Chapter 44 and 50 have been added in C6 Equipment.
AMC145.A.25 (b)Facility requirements
The following has been added with the existing para,
                  In addition, as part of the office accommodation, aircraft maintenance staff should be provided with an area where they may study maintenance instructions and complete maintenance records in a proper manner.
CAR 145 Issue 2

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