Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maintenance Data

     AMC 145.A.45 (e) Maintenance data
              Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL) are airworthiness limitations. Any modification of the maintenance instructions linked to CDCCL constitutes an aircraft modification that should be approved in accordance with CAR-21.
           AMC 145.A.45 (e) Maintenance Data
      4. The maintenance organisation should: transcribe accurately the maintenance data onto such work cards or worksheets, or· make precise reference to the particular maintenance task(s) contained in such maintenance data, which already identifies the task as a CDCCL where applicable.
      5. Relevant parts of the organisation means with regard to aircraft base maintenance, aircraft line maintenance, engine workshops, mechanical workshops and avionic workshops. Therefore, engine workshops for example should have a common system throughout such engine workshops that may be different to that in the aircraft base maintenance.
       6. The work cards should differentiate and specify, when relevant, disassembly, accomplishment of task, reassembly and testing. In the case of a lengthy maintenance task
involving a succession of personnel to complete such a task, it may be necessary to use supplementary work cards or worksheets to indicate what was actually accomplished by each individual person

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