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Certificate of Maintenance

                                        CAR 145 Issue 2  is effective forthwith and shall be complied by all new / existing organisations. Maintenance approvals issued in accordance with revision 1 of CAR 145 shall continue to remain in force. However such organisations may demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this CAR, before 1st January, 2014.      
         CAR 145 A.50 Certificate of Maintenance
In this point additional thrust for upkeep of data have been given to TC related Data
i.e certification life-limited parts, airworthiness limitations and Airworthiness Limitation Items (ALI), etc.
         AMC 145.A.50 (a) Certification of Maintenance
In para 1.3 The term hazard seriously the flight safety has been replaced with known to endanger flight safety.
                          AMC No. 1 to 145.A.50(d) Certification of maintenance
            The purpose of the certificate is to release assemblies/items/components/parts (hereafter referred to as ‘item(s)’) after maintenance and to release maintenance work carried out on such items under the approval of DGCA and to allow items removed from one aircraft/aircraft component to be fitted to another aircraft/aircraft component.
           The certificate is to be used for export/import purposes, as well as for domestic purposes, and serves as an official certificate for items from the manufacturer/maintenance organisation to users. The certificate is not a delivery or shipping note.
           It can only be issued by organisations approved by DGCA within the scope of the approval.
          The certificate may be used as a rotable tag by utilising the available space on the reverse side of the certificate for any additional information and despatching the item with two copies of the certificate so that one copy may be eventually returned with the item to the maintenance organisation. The alternative solution is to use existing rotable tags and also supply a copy of the certificate.
           Under no circumstances may a certificate be issued for anyitem when it is known that the item has a defect considered a serious hazard to flight safety.
           A certificate should not be issued for any item when it is known that the item is unserviceable except in the case of an item undergoing a series of maintenance processes at several maintenance organisations approved under CAR-145 and the item needs a certificate for the previous maintenance process carried out for the next maintenance organisation approved under CAR-145 to accept the item for subsequent maintenance  processes. In such cases , a clear statement of limitation should be endorsed in Block 12

Highlights 145.45 Maintenance Data
CAR 145 Issue 2
                                                                          S P SINGH

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