Saturday, February 7, 2015

FTO - Personnel Requirements

           7.2 Personnel Requirements
           7.2.1 Management Personnel
  Accountable Manager: The organisation shall appoint an accountable
manager who has corporate authority for ensuring that flying training can be financed and carried out to the standard required by Aircraft Rules and relevant regulations and this CAR. The accountable manager shall ensure that all necessary resources are available to accomplish flying training in accordance with laid down standards and establish and promote the safety and quality standards for the training.
  Post Holders: The Accountable Manager shall nominate a person or group of personnel for acceptance as post holder(s) for key positions. Depending upon the size and scope of the organisation, a post holder may perform a combination of key roles and the same shall be described in the training and procedures manual. The nominated key positions are:-
                       (a) Head of Training or Chief Instructor (CI)
                       (b) Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)
                       (c) Chief Ground Instructor (CGI)
                       (d) Safety Manager (SM)
                       (e) Maintenance Manager (MM)
                       (f) Quality Manager (QM)
                       (g) Continuing Airworthiness Manager (CAM)
    FTO shall obtain the security clearance of persons to be employed on the
above posts including Accountable Manager from the concerned District Police Authorities before employment.
   In case, a nominated post holder is in employment with other FTO, then an
NOC from the previous employer is required. Security clearance in respect of such persons may be submitted within three months of their appointment.
  Duties and responsibilities of the post holders shall be clearly defined in
the Training and Procedures Manual. The post holder shall perform their
duties upon assessment and approval/ acceptance from DGCA.

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