Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Air Safety Circular 2016-02 rev.01

     DGCA issued AIR SAFETY CIR No. 02 of 2016 (Rev. 01) on Subject: Photograph in flight & visit to Cockpit.
    It has been noticed by DGCA that cockpit crew has indulged in photography in the cockpit. In few instances, both pilots were away from the aircraft controls when the photographs were taken.
       On few occasion crew have also allowed people to enter cockpit and take photographs.
       Taking photography during flight is source of distraction, which may lead to error and resultant reduction in safety.
         In view of the above and to ensure safety of aircraft operations, all the air operators are required to ensure the following:
        a. Provision of AIC 3 of 1997 and Operation Circular 4 of 2011 on the subject are scrupulously followed.
       b. Crew do not indulge in photography during any phase of flight.
       c. Passengers do not indulge into photography while embarking/ disembarking from the aircraft.

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