Friday, February 17, 2017

CAR 66 Issue II rev.1 Salient feature

       CAR 66 Issue II Revision 1 dated 10th February 2017 is proposed to be issued to incorporate amendments made in Rule61 of The Aircraft Rules,1937published vide GSR911(E) dated16-9-2016.
Salient revision in the CAR as follows:-
1. CAR 66.A.3 In the existing AME licence category, category B3 is introduced for
certifying unpressurised piston engine aircraft below 2000 kgs MTOW.
2. Provision has been made for issue of Category A licence without typerating
3. 66.A.20 privileges of AME licence has been replaced with new one inline with rule 61.
4. 66.A.30 Aircraft Maintenance Experience requirements of  issue of Category A, B1.2 and B1.4 has been revised to 3 years.
5. Related paragraph in this CAR revised to include new category B3 where ever
6. 66.A.45 endorsement on AME licence for aircraft ratings has been revised suitably to include category B3 requirement.
7. Appendix–I Basic knowledge requirement has been revised to include syllabus for category B3.
8. Requirements for certifying staff engaged in certification of aircraft components are detailed in Subpart C (Component).
9. Application and format are separated from the main CAR and published in the form section on DGC Awebsite.
Ref. CAR66 Issue II Rev.1 170210

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