Monday, February 6, 2017

CAR M Issue II - Salient features

     1. Harmonise CAR M with the latest EASA Part M issued till July 2016.
     2. M3- Definition of Complex Motor aircraft and Category-2 light aircraft are added and LSA removed.
     3. Existing M.A. 201 and related AMC /GM related to responsibilities are revised and restructured to provide for outsourcing Continuing Airworthiness Management function to an appropriately approved CAMO except for scheduled operator.
      4. Responsibilities of operators operating foreign registered aircraft in scheduled commuter operation incorporated.
      5. As a consequences of revisions in M.A. 201, remaining contents are also revised inline with M.A. 201.
      6. M.A 302 and related AMCs and GM are revised. Standard Maintenance programme for light aircraft below 2000 kgs is provided.
     7. M.A. 303 revised to mandate compliance with ADs issued by state of type design unless otherwise intimated by DGCA. Need for duplicating detailed compliance statement with regard to DGCA mandatory modification with respect to aircraft, engine, and propeller eliminated unless, DGCA had issued additional Airworthiness Directive. 
     8. M.A. 402 and related AMCs and GMs related to performance of maintenance are revised restructured to minimise the risk of multiple errors during maintenance.
      9. Provision made for acceptance of newly manufactured aircraft components from the aircraft manufacturer
     10. Subpart F related to Maintenance Organisation revised to simplify maintenance and ARC related issues of light aircraft not involved in commercial operation. Maintenance facility requirements made more flexible
     11. Subpart G (CAMO) and related AMCs / GMs are revised /restructured to align with changes made in M.A. 201.
      12. Subpart I Related AMCs / GMs revised / restructured in line with M.A 201 and to introduce procedures for ARC review for small aircraft.
      13. Appendixes revised in line M.A. 201 guidelines
      14. Secton-B DGCA Procedures and related AMCs /GM removed from this CAR and made of Airworthiness Procedures Manual (Chapter- 3A).

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A Radhakrishnan said...

Are there any issues mentioned regarding BASIC AME TRAINING INSTITUTIONS?