Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cessna 152 Control System

AILERON CONTROL SYSTEM: The aileron control system is comprised of push-pull rods, Bellcranks, cables, Pulleys, sprockets and roller chains, all of which link the control wheels to the ailerons. A control "Y" interconnects the control wheels to the aileron cables.
CONTROL "Y": The control "Y" transforms rotation of the control wheels into pulling
motion on the aileron cables by means of sprockets and chains. The "Y" is pivoted at the
lower end to operate the elevator control system.
WING FLAP CONTROL SYSTEM: The wing flap control system is comprised of an electric motor and transmission assembly, drive pulleys, push-pull rods, cables and a follow-up control. Power from the motor and transmission assembly is transmitted to the flaps by a system of drive pulleys, cables and push-pull rods. Electrical power to the motor is controlled by two micro switches mounted on a floating arm assembly, by a camming lever and follow-up control. As the flap control lever is moved to the desired flap setting, the attached cam trips one of the micro switches, activating the flap motor. As the flaps move to the position selected, the floating arm is rotated by the follow-up control until the active micro switch clears the cam breaking the circuit and stopping the motor. To reverse flap direction. The control lever is moved in the opposite direction causing the cam to trip the second micro switch which reverses the flap motor. The follow-up control moves the cam until it is clear of the second switch, shutting off the flap motor. Limit switches on flap actuator assembly prevent over-travel of the flaps in the full UP or DOWN positions
ELEVATOR CONTROL SYSTEM: The elevators are operated by power transmitted from the control wheels through a series of cables, Bell cranks and a push-pull tube. The rear bell crank serves as an interconnect between the elevators and a bearing point for the travel stop bolts. An elevator trim tab is installed on the right elevator and is described
ELEVATOR TRIM CONTROL SYSTEM: The elevator trim tab, located on the right elevator. is controlled by a trim wheel mounted in the lower instrument panel. Power to operate the tab is transmitted from the trim control wheel by means of chains, cables and an actuator. A mechanical pointer. adjacent to the trim wheel indicates tab position. A "nose-up" setting results in a tab-down position.
RUDDER CONTROL SYSTEM: Rudder control is maintained through use of conventional rudder pedals which also control nose wheel steering. The system is comprised of the rudder pedals. Cables and pulleys, all of which link the pedals to the rudder and nose wheel steering

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