Friday, April 19, 2013

Aim of my blog

Dear Friends
            Thanks for your love and affection again this blog has just crossed 1,25,000 hits 387 post related to aviation.Blogging is a new experience for me and I am grateful for it. I blog because I get satisfaction from knowing that a certain number of people read what I write each day. Blogging is successful because it gives people the opportunity to read whenever they have the time. Why, you can read a post even a week later…archives are easy to access.  
            Through blogging I feel connected with the people most of them known to me. I blog because I get a thrill from reading a meaningful comment. Even if it is just one comment, if it adds to my article, makes me see things from a different perspective People should sign in to their email accounts after reading a article they feel something about.                      
                    I want share my knowledge and experience  what I have and collecting from various sources.  I know it seems too huge an ambition, and perhaps naive, but quantity is not everything. Even if an article of mine helps one individual in a small way I feel happy. And blogging gives me the ability to find out.
                   Lastly, I blog because I can write on a variety of subjects. I have a wide variety of interests but I love writing on aviation related subject. 
                    Welcome to my new readers and new followers. Many thanks to everyone who read my blog and reblogged it, linked to it, tweeted links, added comments or pointed out gaps and errors in my thinking or just added their own alternative views
Please leave comments and share.

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