Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Accident Prevention Programme to Avert Air Mishaps

       As part of the Accident Prevention Programme following steps have been taken to avert the recurrence of air mishaps and impending eventualities at airports in the country:

Accident / incident data is regularly analyzed and based on the analysis, Air Safety Circulars are issued to bring important observations/findings to the notice of the operators to avoid the recurrence of the accidents.

• Recommendations emanating from the accident/incident investigation reports are implemented to prevent such mishaps.

• As per the annual surveillance programme, audit of the operators are carried out. Recommendations emanating from such reports are followed up with the operator for implementation. The compliance of the action taken by the operator is further verified during the next audit.The Government appoints various Committees of Inquiry as per the provisions of Aircraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules, 2012 to investigate the aircraft accidents on case to case basis. The reports submitted by these Committees usually indicate technical and human factors as the probable causes of these accidents. The salient steps taken to ensure the safety of air passengers are as follows: 
(i) Implementation of recommendations emanating from investigation of aircraft accidents and incidents. 

(ii) Dissemination of Safety Information amongst the operators, pilots, engineers and air traffic controllers. 

(iii) Surveillance of various operators by Flight Operations Inspectors. 

(iv) Periodic regulatory audit of operators and maintenance organizations. 

(v) periodic spot checks on the operations and maintenance activities of            operators. 

(vi) Special Operating Precautions in poor weather conditions. 

(vii) 100% Monitoring of Flight Data Recorders. (viii) Installation of Minimum        Safe Altitude Warning System, Monopulse Secondary Surveillance              Radar (MSSRs), Airborne Collision Avoidance System and Ground              Proximity Warning System. 
27th April 2015

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