Sunday, June 14, 2015

MONSOON OPERATIONS - General Conditions

         (i) Minimum total cockpit experience level of the crew as PIC and Co-Pilot should not be less than 500 hours on type.
         (ii) No supervised take-offs and landings in actual adverse weather/monsoon conditions.
         (iii) Approach briefing prior to Top of Descent shall include wet/contaminated Actual Landing Distance calculation. Scheduled Operators shall prepare a quick analysis table for use during normal operations for wet/contaminated ALD and 1.15*ALD in view of the high cockpit work-load environment.
         (iv) A list of commanders operating as PICs for the first monsoon on type is to be forwarded to Flight Standards Directorate, DGCA Hqrs., by all the Operators, by 15th of May of every year. The names of Commanders released on type subsequent to this date till the onset of pre-monsoon shall also be forwarded at the earliest.
         (v) ILS approaches are to be preferred to non-precision approaches. 
         (vi) Greater emphasis on stabilized approaches.
         (vii) PANS OPS procedures for speed control in terminal areas must be followed.
         (viii) Flight Manual limitations and Company SOPs must be strictly adhered to.
        (ix) Go around procedure and recovery procedure must be reviewed.
        (x) All Operators are required to follow a non-reprisal policy for Go around and Diversion,
        (xi) Documentation about upset recovery technique for specific airplane must be reviewed.
        (xii) Full flap landing and adequate usage of Reverse thrust and consideration of extra en-route/ terminal fuel computation shall be adhered to.


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