Monday, February 27, 2012

Cessna 172R ELT Remote Switch & buzzer

           Remote Switch : The Artex standard remote switch is designed so that if its wires are cut or shorted together the emergency operation of the ELT is unhampered although the ELT may activate and not “reset” if the wires are shorted together.
             Select a switch mounting location that is easily seen and reached by the pilot and out of direct sunlight. The Artex remote switch requires approximately 1.3” X 2.0” (33 X 50.8 mm) of panel area to mount. A space is also required for a warning placard, measuring 2.25” X 0.25” (57 X 6.5 mm), which should be placed close to the installed switch. Approximately 3 inches (75mm) of clearance behind the panel is required for the switch assembly, mating connector and harness.
Mark and remove the rectangular cutout for the remote switch assembly. Dimensions are shown in the Specifications. Fit the switch assembly into the cutout and mark the four mounting screw hole locations. Drill mounting screw holes with #31 (0.120”) (3.0 mm) drill. Mount using the 4-40 X ½” Phillips pan head screws, lock washers and nuts provided.
After switch is installed, apply “For Aviation Emergency Use Only / Unauthorized Use Prohibited” placard (supplied in kit) as close to the switch as practical
Audio Indicator (“buzzer”)                                                                                                 
                     The indicator, i.e., “buzzer” (P/N 452-6505) is powered by the ELT and, therefore independent of the aircraft power system. When the ELT is activated, the buzzer ‘beeps’ periodically. The time between pulses lengthen after a predetermined transmitter ‘on’ time.
The buzzer may be located anywhere on the aircraft, however, it is recommended that it be placed near the ELT unit so it can be heard outside the aircraft when the engine(s) is (are) off. It is assumed that with a running engine the cockpit light will warn the pilot. Mounting the buzzer in the cockpit is not recommended due to the distracting sound it produces when the ELT is activated. This buzzer operates in tandem with the ELT panel indicator and serves as a redundant indicator.
NOTE:Artex recommends that the buzzer be placed aft or near the ELT unit.
The buzzer can be mounted in two ways: either using the mounting ‘ears’ at its base or in a panel mount configuration using the plastic bezel nut. The mounting position of the buzzer should be such that the buzzer opening is not prone to collecting liquid or other material, as this buzzer is not sealed and not waterproof. Suggested mounting is with the buzzer orifice pointing down. The rear of the buzzer can be sealed with RTV; however, the front must be left open. Ground the black lead and connect the red lead to the ELT buzzer output (pin 8 of the D-sub).

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