Thursday, August 9, 2012

Principal Structural Elements Cessna 152

                 Description :An airplane component is classified as a Principal Structural Element  if:
(a) The component contributes significantly to carrying flight and ground loads.
(b) If the component fails, it can result in a catastrophic failure of the airframe.
               The monitoring of these PSE's is the main focus of this Supplemental Structural Inspection Program.
                           Typical Examples of Principal Structural Elements
Wing and Empennage:
Control surfaces, flaps and their mechanical systems and attachments (hinges, tracks and fittings)
Primary fittings
Principal splices
Skin or reinforcement around cutouts or discontinuities
Skin-stringer combinations
Spar caps
Spar webs
Circumferential frames and adjacent skin
Door frames
Pilot window posts
Skin and single frame or stiffener element around a cutout
Skin and/or skin splices under circumferential loads
Skin or skin splices under fore and aft loads
Skin around a cutout
Skin and stiffener combinations under fore-and-aft loads
Door skins, frames, and latches
Window frames
Landing Gear and Attachments
Engine Support Structure and Mounts
For Details: Cessna Maintenance Manual TR 05

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