Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thanks for reading my blog

Dear Friends

            Thanks for your love and affection this blog has just crossed 1,00,000 hits 353 post related to aviation . Most of them is related to aircraft maintenance and airworthiness requirement issued by competent authority..

               I like doing my blog. It sits alongside radio, TV and print media articles as a valuable channel, but more importantly, blogging is one of my main thinking tools. Writing a line of thinking down forces me to think it through in more detail and rigour and shows up any obvious gaping holes and errors in my world view. Then I fix some of them, tidy up and publish the result. If you haven’t already got a blog of your own, I’d certainly recommend it. It’s easy to do and good fun.

                    Welcome to my new readers and new followers. Many thanks to everyone who read my blog and reblogged it, linked to it, tweeted links, added comments or pointed out gaps and errors in my thinking or just added their own alternative views. And last but not least, many thanks to WordPress for hosting it!
                   Blogger produces stats for numbers of readers etc. Stats are fun and they certainly ensure that my ego won’t get carried away any time soon. My blog still falls very firmly into the also-ran category.
                   Your are always welcome for you comments and advise. You ca put up your quarry without any hesitation. I am also thankful to my colleague who shapes my view by fruitful discussion. 

Please leave comments and share.

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