Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cessna 152 Fuselage TN

2. WINDSHIELD AND WINDOWS: The windshield and windows are single-piece; acrylic panels set in sealing strips and held by formed retaining strips, secured to the fuselage with screws and rivets. Sealant used in conjunction with a felt seal is applied to all edges of windshield and windows with exception of the wing root area. The wing root fairing has a heavy felt strip which completes the windshield sealing

3. WINGS: Each all-metal wing is a semi cantilever, semimonocoque type, with two main spars and suitable ribs for the attachment of the skin. Skin panels are riveted to ribs. Spars and stringers complete the structure. An all-metal, piano-hinged aileron, flaps and a detachable wing tip are mounted on each wing assembly. A single metal fuel tank is mounted between the wing spars at the inboard end of each wing. Colored navigation lights are mounted at each wing tip
5. HORIZONTAL STABITIZER: The horizontal stabilizer is primarily of all-metal construction. Consisting of ribs and spars covered with skin. Stabilizer tips are of ABS construction. A formed metal leading edge is riveted to the assembly to complete the structure. The elevator trim tab actuator is contained within the horizontal stabilizer. The underside of the stabilizer contains a covered opening which provides access to the actuator. Hinges are located on the rear spar assembly to support the elevators.

6. WING STRUTS: Each wing has a single lift strut which transmits a part of the wing load to the lower portion of the fuselage. The strut consists of a streamlined tube with fittings for attachment at the fuselage and wing.
7. FIN: The fin is primarily of metal construction, consisting of ribs and spars covered with skin. Fin tips are of ABS or glass fiber construction. Hinge brackets at the fin rear spar attach the rudder.

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