Monday, July 16, 2012

Cessna 152 Propeller replacement

DESCRIPTION. An all-metal. fixed-pitch propeller, equipped with a spinner.
a. Remove spinner 
b. Remove safety wire from mounting bolt heads .
c. Remove bolts and washers and remove forward bulkhead.
The aft spinner bulkhead  is installed between propeller and crankshaft flange and is removed as the propeller is removed.
a. Clean mating surfaces of propeller. crankshaft flange and spinner bulkheads.
Ensure that nose cap is installed prior to completing following steps.
b. Position aft spinner bulkhead between propeller and crankshaft flange.
c. Align propeller blade with t.c. mark on aft side of ring gear, and rotate propeller
clockwise, as viewed from the front, to first bolt hole.
d. Install forward spinner bulkhead and propeller bolts.
e. Tighten bolts evenly, then torque to 300-320 lb.-in. or 25-26 lb-ft.
f. Safety wire propeller mount bolts, ensuring that safety wire is around bolt heads not
over top.
g. Install spinner.

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