Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cessna 152 Engine Controls.

The throttle, mixture and carburetor heat controls are of the push-pull type.
The mixture control is equipped to lock in any position desired. To move the control, the spring-loaded button, located in the end of the control knob, must be depressed. When the button is released, the control is locked. The mixture control also has a vernier adjustment.
Turning the knob in either direction will change the control setting. The vernier is primarily for precision control setting. The throttle control has neither a locking button nor a vernier advancement, but contains a knurled friction knob which is rotated for more or less friction as desired, The friction knob prevents vibration induced "creeping" of the control. The carburetor heat control has no locking device. 
Before rigging throttle control ,check that staked connection between rigid conduit and flexible conduit is secure. If any indication of looseness or breakage is apparent, install new throttle control before continuing rigging procedure.
a. Pull throttle control out (idle position) and remove throttle control knob.
b. Screw jam nut all the way down (clockwise) and install throttle knob. Screw knob securely against the jam nut. Do not back jam nut out. This will prevent bottoming and possible damage to the staked connection.
c. Disconnect throttle control at the carburetor throttle arm. push throttle control in until jam nut contacts friction lock. While the friction lock is loose. Then pull control out approximately 1/8 inch for cushion. Note position of larger washer at carburetor end of control. Install washer in same position when connecting control to arm.
1. What is creeping ?
2. What is color of throttle control ?
3. What is vernier adjustment ?
4. What is Jam nut on control ?

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