Sunday, December 9, 2012

Champion Magneto Service Letter

             Champion Aerospace issued a SB covering Slick Magnetos SB1-12 after identifying a condition in the point assemblies of magnetos that may lead to decreased service life.          The contacts are exhibiting accelerated wear in-service. The typical symptoms are RPM drop during a magneto check, difficulty starting, rough running engine and/or unstable point timing during initial installation.

     Cessna issued mandatory compliance Service Letters SEL-74-01 for Pre 1996 and earlier Single Engine Aircraft, SEL-74-02 for 1996 and on Single Engine Aircraft and MEL-74-01 for all Multi Engine Aircraft to transmit the Slick Service Bulletin SB1-12. The Cessna Service Letters require the replacement of affected magnetos or affected point assemblies within the next 25 hours of operation or at the next scheduled maintenance, whichever occurs first.

Cessna will provide warranty coverage in accordance with the information contained in the respective service bulletins.

Cessna considers this a serious issue and warns that non-compliance with the service letter may result in an engine that misfires, which can cause engine damage. Every Owner/Operator or Pilot in Command should before further flight, read and understand the Amplified Emergency Procedures for Magneto Malfunction from the applicable Cessna Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH).

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