Monday, December 31, 2012

De-Preservation TCM procedure:

It is important to remember that long-term preservation of engines can result in trapping large amounts of oil in the combustion chambers of one or more cylinders. For this reason, engines should not be rotated until all of the preservative oil is drained away. Failure to do so can result in damage to the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft of the flooded cylinder.

Remove seals and all desiccant bags.
Remove cylinder dehydrators and plugs or spark plugs from upper and lower spark plug holes.
Remove oil sump drain plug and drain the corrosion preventive mixture. Replace drain plug, torque and safety. Replace and safety the oil filter. Rotate propeller by hand several revolutions to remove preservative oil.
Service the engine with lubricating oil.
Service and install spark plugs and ignition leads.
Service en-gine and aircraft in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Thoroughly clean the aircraft and engine. Perform visual inspection.
Correct any discrepancies.
Conduct a normal engine start.
Perform operational test in accordance with "Operational Inspection," of the applicable Maintenance Manual.
Correct any problems.
Perform a test flight in accordance with airframe manufacturer's instructions.
Correct any discrepancies prior to returning aircraft to service. 14. Change oil and filter after 25 hours of operation.

Preservation log
TCM SIL 99-1 
Qualty,Safety and Training

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