Friday, December 14, 2012

D2X-X7 Rev.6 121203


2. Requirement
2.1 No person in charge of any aircraft shall allow such aircraft to be flown unless
the following valid documents, as applicable (in original or attested copies), are
carried on board the aircraft:

xiv Aeroplane/ Helicopter search procedure checklist;
xv Maintenance Release/Certificate to release to service;
xvi LOPA (Layout of Passenger Arrangement);
xvii Emergency and Safety Equipment Layout;


CAR D8O-OIV 11.1 Helicopter search procedures checklist
An operator shall ensure that there is on board a checklist of the procedures to be followed in searching for a bomb in case of suspected sabotage. The checklist shall be supported by guidance on the course of action to be taken should a bomb or suspicious object be found.

CAR D8O-O III The pilot-in-command should have available on board the aeroplane the
essential information concerning the search and rescue services in the area over which the aeroplane will be flown. Aeroplanes on all flights should be equipped as applicable with the ground-air signal codes for search and rescue purposes

2.4.5 Aeroplanes on flights over designated land areas Aeroplanes, when operated across land areas which have been designated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) concerned as areas in which search and rescue would be especially difficult, shall be equipped with such
signaling devices and lifesaving equipment (including means of sustaining life) as may be appropriate to the area overflown. An operator shall ensure that the pilot-in-command has available on board
the aeroplane all the essential information concerning the search and rescue services in the area over which the aeroplane will be flown

Layout of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA)
The LOPA is an engineering diagram of the aircraft’s cabin interior that includes, but is
not limited to, locations of passenger and flight attendant seats, emergency equipment,
exits, lavatories, and galleys. It leads the reviewer through the interior design/layout and
is the document that certifies the interior components and installation.


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