Saturday, February 7, 2015

Application for approval of FTO

               CAR D7D-D1 is lays down the requirements for approval of a Flying Training Organisation for imparting flying training for the issue of pilot licences and associated ratings. The CAR also contains the requirements and information related to renewal of approval, inspection/ surveillance/ audit of FTO and other general information related to FTO.                                    
                  6.1 Application for approval of FTO
                  6.1.1 FTO shall submit completed application as per Appendix IV, 90 days prior to expected date of commencement of operations along with:
                          a. Training and Procedure Manual (Contents of the manual are given in
Appendix-V and the checklist to prepare compliance statement of training and procedure manual by FTO is in Appendix-VA. Contents of Quality Assurance Manual and associated checklist for compliance and verification are in Appendix-VI and VIA respectively.)
                          b. Proof of availability of aircraft; and
                          c. Proof of availability of Synthetic Flight Training Device (SFTD), if applicable. Note: SFTD approval will be granted only to FTOs.
                          d. Completed profroma(s) for approval of appointed post holders along with
copy of security clearance.
                          e. Copy of contract arrangement for outsourced facility or equipment.
                          f. CAR para-wise compliance status duly certified by Accountable Manager
and ‘Chief of Training or Chief Flight Instructor’.
                         g. Accountable Manager and ‘Chief of Training or Chief Flight Instructor’ shall submit an “Internal Compliance Statement” assuring compliance of requirement with respect to facilities, equipment, personnel documents, procedures that the whole organisation is in full compliance with all applicable requirements. They shall also submit that all the procedures
specified in Training and Procedure Manual are in place.
               6.1.2 All requirements shall be supported by the supplementary documents. 
               6.1.3 All manuals shall be prepared and submitted as per checklist. Manuals put
forward for initial approval should be submitted in paper copy. Once approved, an electronic copy may be uploaded and maintained into the electronic document library.



Ref  CAR D7D-D1

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