Saturday, February 7, 2015

FTO - Facilities and Equipment

              7.1 Facilities and Equipment
Training organisation shall establish facility appropriate to the size and scope of the operation. It shall provide physical environment conducive to the learning. These shall include:
       A. General:
           (a) Adequate Office Space for operational and administrative staff
           (b) Storage area including secure area for training and personnel records.
      B. Classrooms and training aids:
           (a) Adequate and well equipped class rooms. The classrooms shall properly be lighted and furnished. The size of the rooms shall be appropriate to accommodate the batch of students. (atleast 4ft x 4 ft per student)
            (b) Radio telephony training and testing area.
            (c) Library with adequate number of text books/ e-books for ground subjects, regulations and flying techniques; DGCA circulars, CARs, AICs, Aircraft Manual; AIP and its supplement and route maps for training. Books catalogue, register or list of books to track the
revisions and stock position.
            (d) Training aids – computer, projector/suitable monitor, multimedia aids etc.
      C. Practical training areas:
            (a) Flight Operation room/ area
            (b) Flight Planning room/ area
            (c) Adequate briefing room
            (d) Office facility for instructors
            (e) Waiting room(s) for students
            (f) Adequate telephone connection and internet connection shall be made available.
            (g) Suitable and adequate hangar space for parking, mooring and maintenance of aircraft. The hangar shall be well lighted and suitable for aircraft maintenance.
            (h) An alarm bell or manually operated siren in hangar/ operational 0area.
            (i) Office space for the engineering and maintenance personnel
            (j) Properly marked Parking bays and taxi tracks


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