Saturday, February 28, 2015

CAR M Rev.01 Highlight

                                  The Revision-01 to CAR M is  issued to harmonise with regulations of EASA Part M issued after March 2010.
 Highlights of the CAR M Revision 01:-
  1. 1. The requirements, related AMCs and GMs have been brought together for easy reference purposes.
  2. Subsequent to the above arrangement, the Appendices have also been seperated as “Appendices to CAR M” and “Appendices to AMCs and GMs”.
  3. Reference to AME licenses as pre- CAR 66 have been replaced with post CAR-66 terminologies.
  4. Requirements for Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL) and training guide lines have been introduced.
  5. Scope of components maintenance enhanced to include and “Indicating Recording System”, “Water Ballast” and “Propulsion Augmentation system”.
  6. The scope of simple defect rectification, which can be accomplished by flight crew has been enhanced to include. a) Inspection for and removal of de-icing/anti-icing fluid residues. b) Removal/closure of panels, cowls or covers that is easily accessible but not requiring the use of special tools.
  7. Specific reference to CAR Section 1 Series C Part I for implementation of SMSM.A 201 K (Management Responsibilities) has been added.
  8. New AMC M.A 618 and M.A 715 have been added to provide better clarity about duration of approval in terms of calendar period.
  9. New AMC 1, AMC 2, AMC 3 and GM 1 have been added for M.B 303 (b) Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Monitoring (ACAM) to provide more clarity in the scope of inspection and Key Risk Elements (KREs).
  10. Appendix III A to GM 303 (b) on Key Risk Elements (KRE) related to Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Monitoring (ACAM) has been incorporated.
  11. Appendix XII to AMC on Fuel Tank Safety Training has been added. 

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