Sunday, July 23, 2017

Recent experience

                         66. A.30 Basic Experience requirements para (d) describe about recent experience for AMEL . 
                        At least one year of the required experience shall be recent maintenance experience on aircraft of the category/subcategory for which the initial aircraft maintenance engineer’s licence is sought. 
                        For subsequent category /subcategory additions to an existing AMEL , the additional recent maintenance experience required may be less than one year, but shall be at least three months
                        The required experience shall be dependent upon the difference between the licence category/ subcategory held and applied for. 
                        Such additional experience must be typical of the new licence category/subcategory sought.
                        Para (c) The experience shall be practical and involve with a representative cross section of maintenance tasks on aircraft.
                       Para (f) Experience shall have been acquired within the 10 years preceding the application for an aircraft maintenance licence or the addition of a category or subcategory to such a licence. Notwithstanding to this, the aircraft maintenance experience gained in defense environment in the preceding fifteen years shall be acceptable.

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