Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cessna Trim Tab Overhaul Requirement

Trim Tab Overhaul Requirement - Not Specifically Defined in Every Cessna Maintenance Manual
The intent of the requirement is to assure that a serviceable and well maintained actuator is installed on the airplane.
Cessna configured early maintenance manuals in a General Aviation Manufactures Association (GAMA) format, and later adopted the Airline Transport Association (ATA) format. Section 2: Ground Handling, Servicing, Lubrication and Inspection - is where the inspection/overhaul requirement will be located in the GAMA manuals. In ATA manuals, it is in Chapter 5, Time Limits/Maintenance Checks. The overhaul requirement of 1,000 hours or three years, whichever comes first, is the most common across the model line, although some early manuals contain an inspection and lubrication requirement at a 100 hour or annual interval and no overhaul requirement.
The overhaul of a trim tab actuator is not specifically defined in every Cessna maintenance manual. Cessna considers this requirement to be met when the trim tab actuator is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, worn components replaced, reassembled with fresh lubrication, and then tested. If a trim tab actuator has been determined to be beyond economical repair or the servicing facility does not have the capability to overhaul the actuator, it can be replaced to meet the three year or 1000 hour overhaul requirement. The actual overhaul task information is found Section 9 of the GAMA manuals, and Chapter 27 of the ATA formatted manuals, when it is incorporated.

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For covering my tail, how can I back up the statement that Cessna considers servicing actuators the same as overhauling them? Is there a statement in the manuals somewhere I haven't found?