Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CAR 145 Basic

CAR 145.1 General
CAR 145.A.05 Applicability
CAR 145.A.10 Scope
CAR 145.A.15 Application
CAR 145.A.20 Terms of Approval
CAR 145.A.25 Facility Requirements
CAR 145.A.30 Personnel Requirements
CAR 145.A.35 Certifying Staff /support staff
CAR 145.A.36 Airworthiness Review Staff
CAR 145.A.40 Equipment, tools and material
CAR 145.A.42 Acceptance of Components
CAR 145.A.45 Maintenance data
CAR 145.A.47 Production planning
CAR 145.A.48 Performance of maintenance
CAR 145.A.50 Certification of maintenance
CAR 145.A.55 Maintenance records
CAR 145.A.60 Occurrence reporting
CAR 145.A.65 Safety and Quality policy, maintenance procedures and quality system
CAR 145.A.70 MOE
CAR 145.A.75 Privileges of the organization
CAR 145.A.80 Limitations on the organization
CAR 145.A.85 Changes to the organization
CAR 145.A.90 Continued validity
CAR 145.A.95 Findings
Appendix I Use of the CA Form 1 for maintenance
Appendix II Organization approval class and rating system
Appendix III DGCA Approval certificate (CA Form 3)
Appendix IV Conditions for the use of staff not qualified to DGCA Licencing
Requirements in accordance with 145A.30(j) 1 and 2
Appendix V CA Form 4 – Acceptance of PH
Appendix VI CA Form 6 – Approval Recommendation Form
Appendix VII CA Form 2 – Application for initial, variation 

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