Sunday, September 23, 2012

Safety Risk Management

Performance Objective

              The organization will develop processes to understand the critical characteristics of its systems and operational environment and apply this knowledge to identify hazards, analyze and assess risk and design risk controls.

General Design Expectations.

(1) SRM will, at a minimum, include the following processes:
     (a) System description and task analysis,
     (b) Hazard identification,
     (c) Safety risk analysis,
    (d) Safety risk assessment, and
    (e) Safety risk control and mitigation.

(2) The SRM process will be applied to:
     (a) Initial designs of systems, organizations, and/or products;
     (b) The development of operational procedures;
     (c) Hazards that are identified in the SA functions (described in Component 3.0b;and
     (d) Planned changes to operational processes.

(3) The organization will establish feedback loops between assurance functions described
in Component 3.0 to evaluate the effectiveness of safety risk controls.
(4) The organization will define a risk acceptance process that:
     (a) Defines acceptable and unacceptable levels of safety risk.
     (b) Describes:
               1. Severity levels, and
               2. Likelihood levels.
    (c) Defines specific levels of management that can make safety risk acceptance decisions 
         prescribed in accordance with Element 1.2b(3).
   (d) Defines acceptable risk for hazards that will exist in the short-term while safety risk control/mitigation plans are developed and implemented.

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