Saturday, February 25, 2017

Eendorsement with ac ratings

                                        Category B1, B2 or C
   1.Group 1 aircraft -- appropriate aircraft type rating.
   2.Group 2 aircraft -- appropriate aircraft type rating, manufacturer sub-group rating or full                                       subgroup rating.
   3.Group 3 aircraft --appropriate aircraft type rating or full group rating.
                                            Category B3   

Relevant ratingis ‘piston-engine non-pressurised aeroplanes of 2000 kg MTOM and below.
                                             Category A 

 no rating is required, subject to compliance with the requirement.
                                            Type Training
         Endorsement of aircraft type ratings requires the satisfactory completion of the relevant cat B1, B2 or C aircraft type training.
                                         First Endorsement
       Endorsement of the first aircraft type rating within a given category/ sub-cat requires satisfactory completion of the corresponding OJT.
         for group 2 and 3 aircraft, aircraft type ratings may also be grantedafter: — satisfactory completion of the relevant category B1 and B2 or C aircraft type examination and
         — in the case of B1and B2 category, demonstration of practical experience on the aircraft type. In That case,the practical experience shall include are presentative cross section of maintenance activities relevant to the licence category. 

Ref: CAR 66 Issue II revision I dated 10th February 2017


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