Saturday, February 18, 2017

Privilege of AMEL Cat B1

            Category B1 licence holder to issue certificates for release to service and act as support staff following the maintenance performed on aircraft structure, power- plant, mechanical and electrical systems, work on avionics system requiring simple test so prove their serviceability and not requiring troubleshooting, in respect of an aircraft type endorsed on the licence.       .                                                      .                                                                   
          AMEL-B1 may certify more complex tasks and has a type rating on the aircraft type. Covers Airframe Engine and Electrics 

         The Basic “B1” does not convey certification rights, an aircraft type rating needs to be added to the license, prior to the holder gaining an authorization. (But  B1 license (only) includes the privileges of a Category “A” license so it is possible for the B1 not holding a Type rating to have limited approval on a particular Aircraft Type.
            On the basis of the AMEL-B1, together with Type Training and Rating plus satisfactory demonstration of competency and knowledge of organizational procedures the personal authorization document is issued by an approved CAR 145 organization.
         The privileges of a AMEL-B1 typically include Certification privileges on aircraft structures, power plant, mechanical systems and electrical systems. Including replacement of avionic line replaceable units (LRUs) requiring simple tests to prove serviceability. Either by the use of BITE (Built in Test Equipment).

Ref. CAR 66 Issue II Rev. 1 10th February 2017

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