Saturday, February 18, 2017

Privilege of AMEL Cat. C

                 Category C licence holders to issue CRS after base maintenance in respect of an aircraft of the type endorsed on the licence. The privileges apply to the aircraft in its entirety including all systems. 
                 NOTE―Simple test means a test described in approved maintenance data and such in nature that aircraft system serviceability is verified through aircraft controls, switches, Built-in Test Equipment (BITE), Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) or external test equipment not requiring special training.”

               The Basic C License alone, The Basic License alone, does not convey certification
privilege , an aircraft type rating needs to be added to the license prior to the holder gaining an authorization.
                When an  145 approved organization issues a “personal authorization document” to a holder of a “C” type rating he  is permitted to sign the group Certificate of release to service in accordance with 145.A.50 following the completion of Base Maintenance Activity.
                AMEL-C certifying engineers may not certify Line Maintenance defects or minor maintenance.

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