Friday, January 11, 2013

Cameras for flying schools

                        DGCA has decided to keep a virtual eye on all flying training institutes to check malpractices. The DGCA has ordered flying schools to install cameras, at specified locations on their campuses, that send real-time data on the training activities to the regulator's Delhi headquarters. It means there will be cameras near the runways used for training aspiring pilots, in the aircraft parking hangars, the classrooms, etc. for the Big Brother to monitor.

           The move comes more than a year after the fake pilot licence scam broke out following which police cases were filed against at least 15 pilots and instructors. Among the issues investigated was the fraudulent logging of flying hours. It was found that instructors of some schools inflated the actual hours of flying training imparted to students by entering fake records of flights into their log books. So these students had undergone less than the mandatory 200 hours of flying training needed to apply for a Commercial Pilot License (the basic license needed for an airline job), though their records said otherwise.

                    The decision was announced at a meeting in Delhi on Thursday attended by DGCA Arun Mishra, DGCA director (flying training) Capt Yashraj Tongia and chief flying instructors. "

             "The policy will be implemented after the DGCA issues a circular to the effect. Schools that fail to adhere to this norm will stand to lose their operating licence," a source said. Schools will save the camera recording data for a month. virtual eye will act as a deterrent and discourage the practice of fake logging considerably.

               Moreover, with cameras too scanning the touch-down zone of the runway, faking flying records will not be easy,'' said another instructor. Classroom cameras will also be used for virtual learning as the DGCA plans to get experts from the airline industry to speak to students about various aspects of the industry.

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