Sunday, January 27, 2013

Modifications procedure

                            Modifications covered in Airworthiness Directives, DGCA Mandatory Modifications and Service Bulletins do not require DGCA approval. 
                             For modifications the owner/operator shall apply to the concerned RAO along with evidences and data relating to the intended modifications and its effect on the airworthiness of aircraft 
                               Modification design data and documents prepared by the aircraft, component or equipment manufacturer and approved by State of Design are acceptable for use in modification of aircraft, components or equipment. This data shall be certified by Authorized Representatives (AR)/ Designated Engineering representatives (DER) of the State of Design of the aircraft. 
                               The person responsible for the modification design shall state any particular requirements to be observed when the modification is completed and before an aircraft, component or equipment is released for service. The following aspects shall be considered: 
       (a) Whether tests or inspections during the progress or after the completion of the modification are necessary to ensure it complies with the specified requirements. 
        (b) The qualifications of persons who may be required to assess completed work and certify that it complies with the approved design. 
        (c) Whether significant changes in the weight and centre of gravity position of the aircraft will occur and if re-weighing or preparation of a new weight and balance report is necessary. 
        (d) Whether the flight or operating characteristics of an aircraft may have been 
affected by the work and the necessity to have the aircraft inspected and certified as fit for flight and flight tested. 
         (e) Whether amendments of particulars in the Certificate of Airworthiness or associated documents are required. 
          (f) Whether amendments are necessary to the approved maintenance schedule or other data or documents approved for maintenance or other work on the aircraft. 
           (g) Whether amendments are necessary to any data specified in the flight crew  operating manual. 
                                Where a modification affects the instrument panel, it shall be ensured that 
instruments which are used by any one pilot are so arranged as to permit the pilot to see their indications clearly from his or her station, with the minimum practicable deviation from the position and line of vision normally assumed when looking forward along the flight path. 
                                Where a modification affects equipment required for communications or navigation purposes, or both, it shall be ensured that the failure of any single unit required for communications or navigation, or both, will not result in the failure of another unit required for communications or navigation. 
                                Modification documents shall bear a modification reference number, title, issue number and date and shall indicate the reason for modification, modification instructions, any limitations and inspection requirements, manuals affected and references to other documents or design data, together with a list of parts and assemblies affected by the modification and, where necessary, drawings or sketches giving particulars of parts before and after modification. 
                                Approval of a modification will only be granted when the DGCA is satisfied that in respect of the design: 
               (a) The drawings, documents, reports, calculations, etc., are adequate to establish that the design complies with the appropriate airworthiness requirements. 
                 (b) Any tests or inspections considered necessary for the approval have been completed satisfactorily. 
                 (c) The drawings and other documents required for the work are of a satisfactory standard and in accordance with acceptable aeronautical practices. 
                            DGCA may require compliance checks after the completion of the modification 
and before an aircraft, component or equipment is released for service. 
                           All changes to an approved drawing or document will require re-approval of the original. The issue or revision number shall be raised following re-approval.

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