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Procedure for approval of repair

Repair. A design change to an aeronautical product intended to restore it to an airworthy condition and to ensure that the aircraft continues to comply with the design aspects of the airworthiness requirements used for the issuance of a Type Certificate for that aircraft type after it has been damaged or subjected to wear. 

Major repair. Any repair of an aeronautical product that might appreciably affect the structural strength, performance, powerplant, operation flight characteristics or other qualities affecting airworthiness or environmental characteristics, or that will be embodied in the product using non-standard practices. 
Minor repair. A repair other than a major repair. 
 Repairs covered in the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) may be carried out by Approved Maintenance Organisation as per data available in SRM without any prior approval from the DGCA. 
Repairs beyond SRM shall be carried out only after obtaining prior approval from the DGCA. 
 Application :The owner/operator shall apply to the concerned Regional Airworthiness Office (RAO) along with evidences and data relating to the intended repairs and its effect on the airworthiness of aircraft. 
                                      Owner/Operator will classify the damage as minor or major based on manufacturer’s relevant document or seek assistance from the manufacturer. 
                              Once a structural repair has been classified as major or minor, owner operator shall submit the repair scheme to the manufacturer for their review or request for repair scheme by providing the details of damage. Details forwarded may include photographs, sketches, relevant pages of maintenance data specifying the area of damage etc. for obtaining the feedback from the manufacturer. 
                      Repair scheme and approved data received from the manufacturer shall be 
forwarded to the regional Airworthiness office for obtaining approval. Copy of Repair and Deviation Record (RDR), Repair Design Approval Sheet (RDAS), as applicable shall also be attached along with the repair data along with the application for approval. 
                  Approval for repair shall be granted based on approved data received from 
organization holding Design Organization Approval by State of Design. This data shall be certified by Authorized Representatives (AR)/ Designated Engineering representatives (DER) of the State of Design of the aircraft. 

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