Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FAA AD 2013-02-13 Inspections of Older Piper Aircraft

                 FAA requiring inspections on tens of thousands of older model Piper airplanes to check cables that control tail surfaces.
                            FAA is posted a directive FAA AD 2013-02-13  prompted by reports of failures in the cable assembly which direct a plane's nose. The rule requires inspections and parts replacement as needed, to correct what the FAA calls an "unsafe condition."The requirement applies to certain Piper aircraft that are more than 15 years old.

Effective Date : March 11, 2013.
        Initially inspection is require of the stabilator control system following instructions 1 through 10 of Piper Aircraft, Inc. Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 1245A, dated November 28, 2012              

         It will mandate enhanced inspections and repairs where necessary to cables that control tail surfaces on about 30,000 Piper aircraft, some of the most popular general-aviation planes sold in the U.S.
         Prompted by at least one accident and a serious incident stemming from such malfunctioning flight-control systems in recent years, the Federal Aviation Administration wants planes that are 15 years or older to be checked for damaged or corroded cables during their next annual inspection. Younger planes are supposed to undergo the same inspection once they reach 15 years.
            The mandate covers more than 34,000 propeller-driven Piper Cherokee, Saratoga, Lance,Seneca and Seminole models, and industry officials said most of them are older than
15 years.

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