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Instructions For Continued Airworthiness (ICA’S)

          Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA’s) have become a common term in aviation maintenance. ICA’s encompass Service Publications, Maintenance Manuals, Vendor Manuals referenced in the airplane maintenance manual, maintenance and inspection instructions provided by supplemental type certificate holders as well as the Cessna publications specifically titled “ICA” followed by the model number of the airplane for which they are applicable. It is the latter that many are not familiar with. These documents are a supplement to the airplane maintenance manual and provide the latest information when inspecting, troubleshooting or performing maintenance on the airplanes to which they are applicable.
Cessna has published various ICA’s for all of the current production models of aircraft. The data in these ICA’s covers information on maintaining and inspecting equipment or systems incorporated in production that have not been incorporated in the maintenance manual. It should be noted that this information may be incorporated in the maintenance manual in the future and when incorporated the maintenance manual will take precedence.
ICA’s are available on the Cessview IIi DVD or CD-ROM digital publications or they can be accessed at through the customer access portal.
            Where are the ICA’s in Cessna Publications? The applicable Model ICA’s are listed in the Cessview IIi maintenance manual set for the “Single Engine Restart” aircraft. The ICA’s can also be found on the publication search page. Remember to use the “percent” % wildcard when using this search engine. It will make the search much more productive when you don’t know the publication number.

Appendix H to Part 25—Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
(a) This appendix specifies requirements for preparation of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness as required by §§ 25.1529, 25.1729, and applicable provisions of parts 21 and 26 of this chapter.
(b) The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for each airplane must include the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for each engine and propeller (hereinafter designated “products”), for each appliance required by this chapter, and any required information relating to the interface of those appliances and products with the airplane. If Instructions for Continued Airworthiness are not supplied by the manufacturer of an appliance or product installed in the airplane, the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for the airplane must include the information essential to the continued airworthiness of the airplane.

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