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Maintenance instructions

 Maintenance instructions.  Scheduling information for each part of the airplane and its engines, auxiliary power units, propellers, accessories, instruments, and equipment that provides the recommended periods at which they should be cleaned, inspected, adjusted, tested, and lubricated, and the degree of inspection, the applicable wear tolerances, and work recommended at these periods. 
                         However, the applicant may refer to an accessory, instrument, or equipment manufacturer as the source of this information if the applicant shows that the item has an exceptionally high degree of complexity requiring specialized maintenance techniques, test equipment, or expertise. 
                        The recommended overhaul periods and necessary cross references to the Airworthiness Limitations section of the manual must also be included. In addition, the applicant must include an inspection program that includes the frequency and extent of the inspections necessary to provide for the continued airworthiness of the airplane.
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CAR M Appendix I to AMC M.A.302 1.1.18 A statement that practices and procedures to satisfy the programme should be to the standards specified in the TC holder’s Maintenance Instructions. In the case of approved practices and procedures that differ, the statement should refer to them.
CAR M  302 (g) The aircraft maintenance programme shall be subject to periodic reviews and amended accordingly when necessary. These reviews shall ensure that the programme continues to be valid in light of the operating experience and instructions from DGCA whilst
taking into account new and/or modified maintenance instructions promulgated by the type certificate and supplementary type certificate holders and any other organisation that publishes such data in accordance with CAR 21/EASA 21/FAR 21.

AMC M.A.605 (a) Facilitie 3. Aircraft maintenance staff should be provided with an area where they may study maintenance instructions and complete continuing airworthiness records in a proper manner.

AMC M.A.613 (a) 2.5.2. If it is not possible to establish satisfactory compliance with all applicable conditions specified in subparagraph 2.5.1 (a) to (c) inclusive the aircraft
component should be disassembled by an appropriately rated organisation and subjected to a check for incorporated airworthiness directives, repairsand modifications and inspected/tested in accordance with the manufacturers maintenance instructions to establish satisfactory condition and, if relevant, all seals, lubricants and life limited parts replaced. On satisfactory completion after reassembly a CA Form 1 may be issued stating what was carried out and the reference of the manufacturers maintenance instructions included

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