Sunday, February 17, 2013

Supplemental Inspection Documents

        The Supplemental Inspection Documents or SID’s have been released for the 200 and 100 Series piston engine aircraft and the 1996 and on Single Engine Piston Aircraft. All SID’s Inspections are now incorporated into the affected Maintenance Manuals via revision with the exception of the early 120, 140, 170 and 195 models which have been released as stand-alone inspections. Answers to some frequently asked questions are presented here.

The SID’s and CAP Relationship
SEL-05-01 Revision 1 was developed to announce that some of the existing Continued Airworthiness Program (CAP) inspections have been superseded by the SID program. The CAP inspections were superseded by the SID’s to enable modern inspection methods, move to task based inspection techniques and add additional inspection necessitated by the service history and analysis of the structural capabilities present in various models. Because the CAP was not eliminated, the CAP inspections that were not superseded by SID’s must be accomplished at the appropriate time as defined in the Continuous Airworthiness Program.

Variation in the SID’s
Some confusion exists in regard to why one SID applies to a specific serial group and why other examples of the same model do not need to be inspected in the same manor or at the same interval. The simple explanation is the SID’s inspection tasks are based on service history and analysis. Some of the SID tasks do not apply to every airplane of a particular model run and some vary by serial. The variance is based on structural and gross weight changes that occurred as the models evolved.
SID for Cessna 152
Cessna SEL-05-01

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