Sunday, November 3, 2013

Personnel Requirement CAR 145 Issue 2

                                      CAR 145 Issue 2  is effective forthwith and shall be complied by all new / existing organisations.                     
                          AMC 145.A.30 (g) Personnel requirements
                  In para 2, the following tasks have been added in the Typical Task permitted after appropriate task training to be carried out by the CAR 66.A.20 (a) (1) personnel,
      (q) Inspection for and removal of de-icing/anti-icing fluid residues, including Removal /closure of panels, cowls or covers or the use of special tools.
      (r) Any other task agreed by DGCA as a simple task for a particular aircraft type. This may include defect deferment when all the following conditions are met:
• There is no need for troubleshooting; and
• The task is in the MEL; and
• The maintenance action required by the MEL is agreed by the competent authority to be
In the particular case of helicopters, and in addition to the items above, the following:
     (s) Removal and installation of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) simple internal medical equipment.
      (t) Removal and installation of external cargo provisions (i.e., external hook, mirrors) other than the hoist.
      (u) Removal and installation of quick release external cameras and search lights.
      (v) Removal and installation of emergency float bags, not including the bottles.
      (w) Removal and installation of external doors fitted with quick release attachments.
      (x) Removal and installation of snow pads/skid wear shoes/slump protection pads.
             The term holders of BAMEL/Basic licence has been substituted by appropriately task trained certifying staff in accordance with CAR 66.
                             AMC 145.A.30(j) (4) 2 (i)d. Personnel Requirements
          The scope of simple defect rectification, which can be accomplished by flight crew has been enhanced to include.
d) Inspection for and removal of de-icing/anti-icing fluid residues including removal/ closure of panels, cowls or covers those are easily accessible but not requiring the use of special tools.
                         GM 145.A.30(j) (4) 2 (i) d.Personnel Requirements
       The scope of Practical skills training provided by an organisation approved under CAR 145 which includes 35 Hours practical experience has been enhanced to include :

• De-icing/anti-icing related maintenance activities,

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