Sunday, November 10, 2013

CA Form 1 Block 12

 CA Form 1 Block 12 ‘Remarks’
    Examples of data to be entered in this block as appropriate:
• Maintenance documentation used, including the revision status, for all work performed and not limited to the entry made in block 11.
• A statement such as ‘in accordance with the CMM’ is not acceptable.
• NDT methods with appropriate documentation used when relevant.
• Compliance with airworthiness directives or service bulletins.
• Repairs carried out.
• Modifications carried out.
• Replacement parts installed.
• Life-limited parts status.
• Shelf life limitations.
• Deviations from the customer work order.
• Release statements to satisfy a foreign Civil Aviation
Authority maintenance requirement.
• Information needed to support shipment with shortages or
re-assembly after delivery.
• References to aid traceability, 

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