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Certification of maintenance

     AMC No. 2 to 145.A.50 (d) Certification of maintenance
      1.1 A component which has been maintained off the aircraft needs the issue of a certificate of         release to service for such maintenance and another certificate of release to service in regard to being installed properly on the aircraft when such action occurs. In the           case of base maintenance this takes the form of a separate task sign off for the
      maintenance and installation tasks.
     1.2 When an organisation maintains a component for use by the organisation, a CA Form 1  may not be necessary depending upon the organisation’s internal release procedures    defined in the MOE .
      2. In the case of the issue of CA Form 1 for components in storage prior to CAR-145 and CAR-21 and not released on a CA Form 1 or equivalent in accordance with 145.A.42(a) or removed       serviceable from a serviceable aircraft or an aircraft which have been withdrawn from  service the following applies.
     2.1 A CA Form 1 may be issued for an aircraft component which has been:
             • Maintained before CAR-145 became effective or manufactured before CAR-21 became          effective.
             • Used on an aircraft and removed in a serviceable condition. Examples include leased and          loaned aircraft components.
             • Removed from aircraft which have been withdrawn from service, or from aircraft which                 have been involved in abnormal occurrences such as accidents, incidents, heavy landings or lightning strikes.
             • Components maintained by an unapproved organisation.
          2.2 An appropriately rated maintenance organisation approved under CAR-145 may issue a CA Form 1 as detailed in this AMC sub-paragraph 2.5 to 2.9, as appropriate, in accordance with procedures detailed inrated organisation is responsible for ensuring that all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that only approved and serviceable aircraft components are issued a CA Form 1 under this paragraph.
         2.3 For the purposes of this paragraph 2 only, appropriately rated means an organisation with an approval class rating for the type of component or for the product in
which it may be installed.
         2.4 A CA Form 1 issued in accordance with this paragraph 2 should be issued by signing in block 14b and stating "Inspected" in block 11. In addition, block 12 should specify:
        2.4.1 When the last maintenance was carried out and by whom.
        2.4.2 If the component is unused, when the component was manufactured and by whom with a cross reference to any original documentation which should be included with the Form.
       2.4.3 A list of all airworthiness directives, repairs and modifications known to have been incorporated. If no airworthiness directives or repairs or modifications are known to be incorporated then this should be so stated.
       2.4.4 Detail of life used for service life limited parts being any combination of fatigue, overhaul or storage life.
       2.4.5 For any aircraft component having its own maintenance history record, reference to the particular maintenance history record as long as the record contains the details that would otherwise be required in block 12. The maintenance history record and acceptance test report or statement, if applicable, should be attached to the CA Form 1.
      2.5 New / unused aircraft components
      2.5.1 Any unused aircraft component in storage without a CA Form 1 up to the effective date(s) for CAR-21 that was manufactured by an organisation acceptable to DGCA at the time may be issued a CA Form 1 by an appropriately rated maintenance organisation approved under CAR-145. The CA Form 1 should be issued in accordance with the following subparagraphs
which should be included in a procedure within the maintenance organisation exposition.
               Note 1: It should be understood that the release of a stored but unused aircraft component in accordance with this paragraph represents a maintenance release under CAR- 145 and not a production release under
         CAR-21. It is not intended to bypass the production release procedure agreed by DGCA for parts and subassemblies intended for fitment on the manufacturer’s own production line.
    a) An acceptance test report or statement should be available for all used and unused aircraft components that are subjected to acceptance testing after manufacturing or maintenance as appropriate.
    b) The aircraft component should be inspected for compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and limitations for storage and condition including any requirement for limited storage life, inhibitors, controlled climate and special storage containers.In addition or in the absence of specific storage instructions the aircraft component should be
inspected for damage, corrosion and leakage to ensure good condition.
    c) The storage life used of any storage life limited parts should be established.
2.5.2 If it is not possible to establish satisfactory compliance with all applicable conditions specified in subparagraph 2.5.1 (a) to (c) inclusive, the aircraft component should be disassembled by an appropriately rated organisation and subjected to a check for incorporated airworthiness directives, repairs and modifications and inspected/tested in
accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to establish satisfactory condition and, if relevant, all seals, lubricants and life limited parts replaced. On satisfactory completion after reassembly a CA Form 1 may be issued stating what was carried out and the reference of the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions included.
2.6 Used aircraft components removed from a serviceable aircraft.
2.6.1 Serviceable aircraft components removed from a
DGCA registered aircraft may be issued a CA Form 1 by an appropriately rated organisation
subject to compliance with this subparagraph.
         a) The organisation should ensure that the component was removed from the aircraft by an appropriately qualified person.
         b) The aircraft component may only be deemed serviceable if the last flight operation with the component fitted revealed no faults on that component /related system.
         c) The aircraft component should be inspected damage, corrosion or leakage and compliance with any additional manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
        d) The aircraft record should be researched for any unusual events that could affect the
serviceability of the aircraft component such as involvement in accidents, incidents, heavy
landings or lightning strikes. Under no circumstances may a CA Form 1 be issued in
accordance with this paragraph 2.6 if it is suspected that the aircraft component has been subjected to extremes of stress, temperatures or immersion which could affect its operation.
         e) A maintenance history record should be available for all used serialised aircraft
         f) Compliance with known modifications and repairs should be established.
         g) The flight hours/cycles/landings as applicable of any service life limited parts including time since overhaul should be established.
         h) Compliance with known applicable airworthiness directives should be established.
          i) Subject to satisfactory compliance with this subparagraph 2.6.1 a CA Form 1 may be issued and should contain the information as specified in paragraph 2.4 including the
aircraft from which the aircraft component was removed.
         2.6.2 Serviceable aircraft components removed from a non Indian registered aircraft may only be issued a CA Form 1 if the components are leased or loaned from the maintenance organisation approved under CAR- 145 who retains control of the airworthiness status of the components. A CA Form 1 may be issued and should contain the information as specified in paragraph 2.4 including the aircraft from which the aircraft component was removed.
         2.7 Used aircraft components removed from an aircraft withdrawn from service. Serviceable aircraft components removed from an Indian registered aircraft withdrawn from service may be issued a CA Form 1 by a maintenance organisation approved under CAR-145 subject to compliance with this sub paragraph.
             a) Aircraft withdrawn from service are sometimes dismantled for spares. This is considered to be a maintenance activity and should be accomplished under the control of an organisation approved under CAR-145, employing procedures approved by DGCA.
             b) To be eligible for installation components removed from such aircraft may be issued with a CA Form one by an appropriately rated organisation following a satisfactory assessment.
            c) As a minimum the assessment will need to satisfy the standards set out in paragraphs 2.5 and 2.6 as appropriate. This should where known, include the possible need for the alignment of scheduled maintenance that may be necessary to comply with the maintenance programme applicable to the aircraft on which the component is to be installed.
             d) Irrespective of whether the aircraft holds a certificate of airworthiness or not, the organisation responsible for certifying any removed component should satisfy itself that the manner in which the components were removed and stored are compatible with the standards required by CAR-145.
             e) A structured plan should be formulated to control the aircraft disassembly process. The disassembly is to be carried out by an appropriately rated organisation under the supervision of certifying staff, who will ensure that the aircraft components are removed and documented
in a structured manner in accordance with the appropriate maintenance data and disassembly plan.
              f) All recorded aircraft defects should be reviewed and the possible effects these may have on both normal and standby functions of removed components are to be considered.
              g) Dedicated control documentation is to be used as detailed by the disassembly plan, to facilitate the recording of all maintenance actions and component removals performed during the disassembly process. Components found to be unserviceable are to be identified as such and quarantined pending a decision on the actions to be taken. Records of the maintenance
accomplished to establish serviceability are to form part of the component maintenance history.
              h) Suitable CAR-145 facilities for the removal and storageof removed components are to be used which include suitable environmental conditions, lighting, access equipment, aircraft tooling and storage facilities for the work to be undertaken. While it may be acceptable for components to be removed, given local environmental conditions, without the benefit of an enclosed facility subsequent disassembly (if required) and storage of the components should be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
         2.8 Used aircraft components maintained by organizations not approved in accordance with CAR-145. For used components maintained by a maintenance organisation unapproved under CAR-145, due care should be exercised before acceptance of such components. In such cases an appropriately rated maintenance organisation approved under CAR-145
should establish satisfactory conditions by:
                a. dismantling the component for sufficient inspection in accordance with the appropriate maintenance data,
               b. replacing of all service life limit components when no satisfactory evidence of life used is available and/or the components are in an unsatisfactory condition,
              c. reassembling and testing as necessary the component,
             d. completing all certification requirements as specified in 145.A.50.
      2.9 Used aircraft components removed from an aircraft involved in an accident or incident. Such components should only be issued with a CA Form 1 when processed in accordance with paragraph 2.7 and a specific work order including all additional necessary tests and inspections made necessary by the accident or incident. Such a work order may require input from the TC holder or original manufacturer as appropriate. This work order should be referenced in block 12.

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