Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Occurrence Reporting

                                 CAR 145 Issue 2  is effective forthwith and shall be complied by all new / existing organisations. Maintenance approvals issued in accordance with revision 1 of CAR 145 shall continue to remain in force. However such organisations may demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this CAR, before 1st January, 2014. 
         GM-145.A.60 (b) Occurrence reporting
                  The following examples can be considered occurrence reporting in a CAR 145 environment but should not be considered as the only case of occurrence reporting:
      a) A defect detected on the aircraft during a maintenance inspection (scheduled or non-scheduled) which may have its origin in a maintenance or design error.
- During routine inspection: Damage found to number 4 engine inlet cowl acoustic lining
- During routine inspection: Rivets found loose on vertical stabiliser
- Found during after flight inspection: Excessive play in tail rotor blade pitch link bearing at the attachment to the tail rotor blade horn due to bearing migration.
      b) A deviation of maintenance procedure (company manual or manufacturer documentation)
- Safety pin being left installed in a component, such as an escape slide
- Alleged inappropriate repair carried out with damage outside of SRM limits.
- Torch left in intake causing damage to inlet cowl during engine start
- Part Number of replaced part not properly recorded

Highlights 145.45 Maintenance Data

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