Monday, October 12, 2015

Cessna SID 55-11-02

            FAA recommend that owners, operators, and maintenance technicians and inspectors visually inspect and confirm their findings using eddy current on the affected Cessna models utilizing aft fin attachment fitting, part numbers 0431009-1/-2/-3, for cracks and corrosion. This should be done repetitively at 100 hours intervals following inspection procedures described in the applicable Cessna SID located in the table of SIDs. Note that it may be beneficial for the inspection to be accomplished in conjunction with compliance to AD 80-11-04.
         FAA and Textron Aviation (Cessna) have been aware of cracking of the aft fin attachment fitting; and have previously issued a number of airworthiness publications to inform owner, operators, and maintenance technicians and inspectors. Cessna issued Service Bulletins (SE74-10 and SE78-62) in addition to the specific inspections noted in the referenced SID. Additionally, the FAA issued AC 43-16A, Aviation Maintenance Alert, Number 357, in April 2008 to remind inspectors to inspect the aft fin attachment fitting for cracks. Airplanes used for aerobatic use were noted to have a higher risk.

SUPPLEMENTAL INSPECTION NUMBER: 55-11-02 Rev.08 May 18, 2015

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