Wednesday, October 28, 2015


EUROCOPTER EC135  29/08/2015       FOD.                                                                                                                   Rag ingested into rotor brake and onto both engine intake grills. Momentary illumination of the rotor brake caution was observed. Brake handle confirmed in the off position. Caution illuminated again approx 5 secs later for approx 2 secs. All other indications normal. Emergency checklist consulted and flight continued to destination with no further cautions. Post flight inspection with engineer revealed evidence of ingestion of a rag past the rotor brake and onto both engine intake grills. 
                               Aircraft placed unserviceable and ops informed. Remains of rag removed from engine intake grills. Inspection of tail rotor drive shaft, coupling and bearings carried out, damage found. Inspection of rotor brake calliper and disc carried out, no damage found. TRGB chip detector inspected no debris found. MRGB chip detector inspected no damaged found. Tail rotor drive balance check carried out, all figures within limits. 
                             Both engines, magnetic chip detectors inspected, no debris found. Ground run carried out for engine ground power check, engines power assured. Engine manufacturers contacted for advice on any further checks required, no further checks required. Aircraft declared serviceable.

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