Saturday, October 17, 2015

Piper PA28 - Engine failure.

PIPER PA28  LYCOMING 360 FAMILY           22/08/2015                Engine failure.
           At 2 mins and 15 seconds (2nm north of the airfield and at approx. 1,250 ft) a massive bang was heard coming from the engine, instant power loss and Engine T&P’s went into the red and dropped straight down to no reading. Pilot declared a Mayday emergency (Engine Failure) still on Seething radio frequency (122.60), with the intention of returning to the airfield for an attempted force landing. Seething Air ground radio confirmed that runway 24 could be used and the Fire & Rescue team were on standby at the Alpha hold to follow us down the runway.
        At around 1nm to the airfield and attempting to keep high and fast rather than low and slow the aircraft was still at around 800ft so continuous slide slipping and position changes were used, flaps were lowered within operating range to attempt to slow the aircraft and allow for a steeper descent. The aircraft was high and fast over the runway threshold and immediate pitch changes made to land the aircraft on the runway. Incredibly the touchdown was smooth with no bouncing or long flare. The brakes were instantly applied (somewhat heavier than normal) to slow the aircraft before the end of the runway.
          Both Pilot and passenger exited the aircraft as the Fire & Rescue team arrived on scene.
This cylinder part number SL32006WA20P was fitted new at the time of the engine overhaul 25 May 2013 and has completed 354 Hours 35 minutes time in service to the failure. At the engine overhaul all cylinders were new.

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